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Welcome To Healthy Healing Wellness, LLC

At Healthy Healing Wellness, I am dedicated to ensuring you and your loved ones can rest easy knowing that I am here to help. 

I specialize in helping your family be as healthy as they can be. I support you in making changes in your diet and your home environment so you can begin to live toxin-free.

Chemicals in the home can be found in our food and water, cleaning products, personal care products, what we store and cook our food in and even in our furniture.

Children can be exposed to these chemicals while in the womb and there is a reason for concern. So we must do all that we can to limit those exposures.

I help guide and support you to limit your exposure to these chemicals and give you all of the tools and knowledge that you need in order to create a safe space for your family.

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Are you confused about hearing about the environmental toxins that we are exposed to daily? We hear so much in the media about how these different toxins may harm us which can leave us feeling scared and overwhelmed. What do we do about it?

There is something that you can do! We have alternatives to pretty much everything that may lend a hand to our bodies being overloaded with toxins. 

If our bodies are overloaded, we can start to show signs of illness.

Take this time to focus on just one area and to get started in making simple changes to protect your health.

Choose from the following programs!

- Are you having trouble losing weight?
- Are you eating right and exercising but still struggling?
- Are you left feeling defeated and frustrated?

Then, The Kitchen Detox program is for you!

- Are you suffering from asthma?
- Do you have frequent headaches?

Then, the Safer Cleaning Products program is for you!

- Are you confused by all of the information out there regarding the safety of cosmetics?
- Have you heard about the issues with talcum powder but don't know what's up?
- Do you ever wonder what some of the ingredients are in your products?

Then, the Bathroom Revamp program is for you!

What you get:
- Three one hour sessions where we dive in deep to learn what items may be harmful
- An overview of your current products
- Step-by-step guidelines to learn what changes need to be made
- Learn about alternatives to your current products
- Support around the topic without the overwhelm
- Handouts to keep for future reference
- Ongoing support
- Exclusive access to future events and discounts

How to enroll:
Contact me either by phone at 203-405-3506 or respond to this email. You can also click on the Enroll Now button below. And, be sure to use the discount code listed below.

This is your time! Your time to learn what alternatives are available and how to regain your health!

You can do this!