My passion for my work began when I became aware of the link between my own misdiagnosed illness and a toxin I was exposed to on a daily basis. Once I removed the toxin, I regained my health. Now I use my experience and extensive knowledge to help others limit their exposure to toxic chemicals and the list of chronic illnesses that have been linked to them.

Whether it’s for you personally or in front of your group, I use a simple, non-overwhelming approach to help you determine what dangers you are being exposed to. Then I share step-by-step guidelines for creating a healthy, toxin-free home.

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I am also available to speak on the following topics:

- ADD and Learning Disabilities – What are Some of the Culprits?
- How to Choose Safer Baby Products Once Baby is Here
- How to Choose Safer Personal Care Products for Yourself
- The Harmful Hidden Ingredients in the Foods We Eat
- Chemicals and Weight Gain

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