All services are done in home, via Skype or phone so no matter where your location, we can still work together!

Home Audit - ​A one time room-by-room audit that will help you to begin to make changes and start your journey to creating a safe space for your child to develop. Also, good to be used as a refresher to make sure you are still on the right track.

A la Carte Programs - Already know about the toxins in food and don't need to learn about it in the 12-week program? Well, now you can break everything up! We can spend three weeks just focusing on one area... personal care products, cleaning products or around the home... whatever you feel needs the most change.

12-Week Program - An in depth program where we really dive in deep! You will learn where alot of the chemicals in your home are found and you will learn about what items you can use to replace them. Everything from the foods that are in your pantry, the shampoo in your shower, what cleaners are safe to use and even the carpeting and furniture!

Non-Toxic Kitchen Makeover - The average kitchen is loaded with chemical toxins that can undermine the results of trying to lose weight. Diet is important, but it’s not the only factor.We will work together to look at all the toxic hot spots that lurk in your kitchen. If you are already on the path to healthy eating, why surround that great food with toxins? The Kitchen Detox Makeover can help you with this critical piece of the health puzzle. 

Healthy Nursery Design - Having a new baby and getting ready to plan out the nursery? Let me help you in choosing safer products! We will work together in choosing non-toxic items such as the crib, mattress, bedding, changing tables, shelving..... even down to area rugs and even the paint that is used on the wall. There is nothing that is left out! This is an exciting time so let's make it fun and easy to provide a healthy and safe environment for your new baby!

Creating a Non-To
xic Baby Registry - What is more fun than picking out items for your first child? Especially when those items will be gifts from friends and family! We will work together to find what items you would like to add to the registry and I will help you choose items that are safe. Everything from baby bottles, pacifiers, clothing and toys, whatever you choose, there is a safe and healthy option!

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